On the 2nd day of the event (April 17th) we will have experts doing 90-minute WORKSHOPS to teach you the real "how-to's" that lead you to achieve the results and goals you expect.

 These are experts that charge hundreds of euros for workshops - and you have Full Access to ALL of them for 60€!

... plus, they are not all about business. Check them out and register now! 

Tom Dawkins

Co-founder/CEO of innovation for good catalyst StartSomeGood. We help people design and launch social enterprises and impact projects. Speaker, mentor, coach, advocate for social impact business.

Crowdfunding for Good: The Formula for Success

Tom Dawkins, will teach us how to take our idea to investment using the power of the community. 

Co-Founder and CEO of social impact crowdfunding platform and innovation agency StartSomeGood. In addition to running the platform with the best project success rate in cause crowdfunding we partner with companies, funders and governments to inspire, unearth, skill-up and launch innovative social impact projects. We power ING's award-winning Dreamstarter program, have hosted Pitch for Good programs in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Parramatta and Perth and work with partners including PwC, thl, Future Super, Foundation for Young Australians, Ian Potter Foundation and Asian Charity Services.

No Goals, No Glory! Goalsetting for Entrepreneurs

“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.” - Bill Copeland.

Business coach Alex van den Elsen: In this workshop we're not just setting goals; we'll set you up with a framework for success!

Your goals should reflect the ambitions for your business, they should challenge you without scaring you, and guide you instead of blocking you. If you set your business goals this way, you'll have a foundation to build upon and define a winning strategy and achievable plan.

My promise it that you'll leave this workshop with a defined set of goals, excited to make the next step in your business!

Alex van den Elsen

Business Coach | Mentor for Entrepreneurs | Founder MarketingMenu.io

CFA, Investor

7 Steps to Financial Freedom

So we are nomads and remote workers. We enjoy geographic freedom. Some of us get to manage our own time. What about financial freedom? What about being able to chose the projects you want to work in? What about chosing the people you want to work with?

In this workshop we will explore some strategies to get us closer to financial freedom. 

Conscious Marketing

By creating an ethical and sustainable marketing plan, you'll be able to maintain your values while building your business.

I’ve discovered that my passion is around marketing strategy. If I get to do that as an entrepreneur, that’s great. If I find a good home at a company with an innovative offer that helps make the world a better place, that’s great too!

Specialties: I’ve got a quirky talent -- learning a new tool and teaching it to others. I’ve worked with online tools like Wordpress, Squarespace, and other websites, email marketing, social media, Facebook ads, MailChimp, ConvertKit, Mad Mimi, online marketing strategy, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, customer support, screencast video responses, quick-fix troubleshooting projects, Excel, Google Drive, GSuite, online scheduling systems - Acuity, Calendly.

Essentially, I specialize in empowering you around marketing tools for online business.

Terra Milo

Marketing Strategy for Sustainable Businesses

Thomas Jakel

Founder at EcoToiletten, Strandschicht, Non-Water Sanitation, YES Founders & YES Founders Foundation

5 Business and Life Lessons I wish I could give my younger self....And how they might help you in growing your impact

In this workshop we'll work on...

> Rethinking how to get things done

> The magic of lowering the importance and taking time

> Adopting mental tools for effortless creation

> How to ask for anything from anyone at any time

> Integrating 'secrets' to smart work into our day to day lives

The input is designed as a workshop in that it is conversational, includes questions to participants and invites attendees to come with their biggest challenges and see how the workshop lessons apply to their journey, challenges and enterprises.

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